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i9incher - break (MWT) i9incher - break (MWT)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I hadn't been on this site... Goddess knows how long.

I'm very happy to see that there is great talent still out there, great song you have here sir.
You show great promise, please don't let that go to waste.

Peace fellow musician

i9incher responds:

hey thanks man, gotta live that dream right? and feel free to check out our facebook page if you want. the more likes the better. :)

Little Batty-redone Little Batty-redone

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Is the singer 18 yet, so I can bend her over a table ;)

Decals (I Don't Know) [De Decals (I Don't Know) [De

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You might not see it...

But there is something special with this song, it's an aura I can't quite put my finger on.

I don't mean to gay you up but it's inspirational, I believe to me that is the right word. And to me, it'll always have the Cure feel to it. How do I explain it, it's dark meets inspirational so it conflicts with each other. Hence the aura (not a hippy)

And another word, who ever gave this song a 2 or a 1. Are fuckheads that can't acept the metamorphasis of a musician. The sound does revolve and change but the heart that made the music, remains the same.

All my peace and love
Sour Cherry

Gunshy responds:


-Fuck Me- -Fuck Me-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm thinking.... Soprano's main theme

This song is lovely for the factor that it's calm and cool, even though the theme is about the darkside of one's soul. HAH, your voice is now starting to remind me of Mike Patton. Guess those years of smoking has paid off huh? :)

This is what make me think, why don't I upload my shit anymore... hmmm

Great song dude xox

ShanZE responds:

Thank you! I like your music, you totally should upload more. Mike Patton is also one of my biggest idols so that comparison really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I've been thinking I should reduce my smoking but I just love those cigarettes :D Well it might make my voice deeper but higher vocals are getting harder to nail by the day!

Thanks again, looking forward to hearing new things from you!

Nightmare Collision RMX{Hyper} Nightmare Collision RMX{Hyper}

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I've reviewed one of your tracks (upon request)

Both Nightmare calamity and Nightmare Collision, seem to remind me of different stages of Mortal Kombat Games.

For instance, the first one. It really reminds me of Mortal Kombat: Mythologies - Sub-Zero. The creepiness of entering a temple, that you really shouldn't be at. Where as this, Reminds me of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon - Of the side game - Motor Kombat. It's like a Darker version of Mario Kart, but allot of the music on it was Drum n Bass like (like this).

Never the less, I'll carry on with the review.

The beat was on time (you're prolly thinking so what, big deal) but in my time, I have heard some pretty woeful submissions. Where a normally beat for them, was the hard part. Notes, used wonderfully well. Atmosphere, very good
And overall feel of the piece
Very Good - Well done

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Smells Like Teen Spirit Remix Smells Like Teen Spirit Remix

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How do I describe it....XD

I feel like I should be at a mardi gras FLAUNTING IT, basically I'm saying this rules
Peace Sour-Cherry
P.S - Good song to bring out the inner ghey of

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Saving Face Machine Saving Face Machine

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This is (for some reason), my top faviourites of all your songs. One problem is, I'm now torn between the two versions now. I don't know how to explaine it so I'll explaine it this way.

Nirvana's "polly"
On the nevermind album it delivers a dark and some what revealing side of the song, like sometimes the song feels like Kurt's playing it for you.
The incesticide version of the same song, is all cleaned up you could say (not in a bad way). And It's all KICK KICK PUNCH PUNCH POLLY WANTS A CRACKER. And it feels like the song (even though its the same) Is totally different, allmost like it's in a different dimension you could say.

So I don't know If I explained it well, if i didn't ...oh hell.... I just made myself look like an idiot...
So heck, have a ten

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Gunshy responds:

i actually went back and listened to both versions after reading this, and the "polly" off of the muddy banks album (which is somewhere in the middle of the two as far as sound). the two studio versions are in different keys, which i found interesting. acoustic polly is lower, which is actually the opposite of what i was expecting. but you're right, it's like the two versions have different focuses. new wave version seems like it was just an attempt to have another fast song in the live lineup. but the acoustic version the focus is on the lyrics and the mood of the song. the lyrics take center stage with hardly any drum or bass accompaniment, probably to get that exact effect, of kurt singing directly to you. intimacy. privacy. sexiness. although, when you think about what the song's about, i'm not sure that intimacy with the song's narrator is such a good thing. but does it matter to a nirvana fan? nope!
thanks for the ten.

Numa Numa (Game Boy remix Numa Numa (Game Boy remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Normally, I get too lazy to write reviews for music. Straight after listening to this, I felt compleled to write a review. Basically what I'm going to say is that, YOUR REALLY GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO!!! And you should most definately do more of this kind of remixes


Little Batty Little Batty

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Dude.....This song would basically be like .... SEX...If you used a multitrack recorder
Seriously though
This song take me back to the movie the crow, it has that sound. In my head I can hear this song playing in the background of one of the scenes in the crow. But knowing what it like to be a not so rich musician, I can understand why recording with one mic is an option at the moment. One of those things, if you neck it out I'm sure you guy's will get a good ol multitrack recorder. And basically, ROCK THE FUCK OUT!!! lol

Peace Aleks (Sour-Cherry)

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WeAreRiot responds:

Oh my god!! a review of SOUR-CHERRY!!!do i have to mention that i'm kind of a fan? ;)
okay, nobody ever beore has compared this song;))
yeah, well, in week or two we're able to record at a friends home-studio. then it's gonna be like sex^^


Rated 2 / 5 stars


I am a die hard Nirvana fan, and I thought this wasn't bad
But it does need improvements
The chords arn't played right, the original recording didn't have F5 power chords, which is what you were playing
They were Power suss chords....
The tuning is different
The solo wasn't bad either
Besides from that, keep going


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