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I did promiss recordings and you 'll have to wait... :P

I've been doing gigs around my local town, including an event tittled "A Strum Against Suicide". We raised $6,000 at the show for suicide prevention programs. My first proper gig

After that followed me opening for a band in a pub, then performing for over 2 and a half hours at a art and crafts fare. I made $50 that day and tried out my experimental music I've been writting and they all went down well.

Then I auditioned for "Australia's Got Talent" and met the most colourful and talented characters, including a cross dresser who was a 'top chick' :) and by accident that day, I walked with Zombies.... now, you don't hear that all the time now. Dont you?

I find out the 16th if I get accepted into Australia's Got Talent, if I don't it don't mater.... It was one of the most amazing experience of my life and I'll never forget it.

Of recent, I played at a pride event for my town. They told me not to play Homophobe and newbie Nympho and anything adult related. haha, at the end of the set I played homophobe anyway. Just to spite people. And funnily enough, one of the audience members told me they were a groupy for the beatles, I asked which member. She replied "Ringo Starr, I was pretty drunk though" wtf???

And now, I'm opening at an album launch for a great little blues band called "Black Diamond Roots Band"
Oh and if you want to keep a track of me on FaceBook, you can add my normal FB 'Aleksandra Miletic' the one with the guitar is me. Just inbox me before hand that your from Newgrounds or I won't accept it lol


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