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I did promiss recordings and you 'll have to wait... :P

I've been doing gigs around my local town, including an event tittled "A Strum Against Suicide". We raised $6,000 at the show for suicide prevention programs. My first proper gig

After that followed me opening for a band in a pub, then performing for over 2 and a half hours at a art and crafts fare. I made $50 that day and tried out my experimental music I've been writting and they all went down well.

Then I auditioned for "Australia's Got Talent" and met the most colourful and talented characters, including a cross dresser who was a 'top chick' :) and by accident that day, I walked with Zombies.... now, you don't hear that all the time now. Dont you?

I find out the 16th if I get accepted into Australia's Got Talent, if I don't it don't mater.... It was one of the most amazing experience of my life and I'll never forget it.

Of recent, I played at a pride event for my town. They told me not to play Homophobe and newbie Nympho and anything adult related. haha, at the end of the set I played homophobe anyway. Just to spite people. And funnily enough, one of the audience members told me they were a groupy for the beatles, I asked which member. She replied "Ringo Starr, I was pretty drunk though" wtf???

And now, I'm opening at an album launch for a great little blues band called "Black Diamond Roots Band"
Oh and if you want to keep a track of me on FaceBook, you can add my normal FB 'Aleksandra Miletic' the one with the guitar is me. Just inbox me before hand that your from Newgrounds or I won't accept it lol


What took me sooooo LONG???

2011-08-20 15:27:45 by Sour-Cherry

I've spent the last two days, recording music... I dont know what over came me but it made me record some of my old songs that needed a little bit of tender loving care....

So keep an EYE out guys :D

Peace Sour Cherry

Gradually, i guess.

2011-05-18 08:33:44 by Sour-Cherry


Well it turns out...

2010-12-30 11:00:14 by Sour-Cherry

All the sacrifices I made this year
All the "achievements"

Was in Vain... The girl ended up being ... One of the worsts things that I got involved with...
I was in hospital... suicide attempt... :( *sighs*

wtf is wrong with me.... I'm going to try record shit... Get everything out of my head guys...


Hey it's Sour Cherry, reporting from lovely Australia.

If you're wondering whats been happening with me, or have missed me that much that you've locked your self away in a major depression (:P). Then take a deep breath, a sip of Vodka and a puff of your favorite cigarette. For I suppose, it's a long and eventful story of my life thus far.

I suppose you could say, it started one fine summer day. When the Sour, purchased a vest and lost lots of weight. And for the first time in my life, I felt attractive and a bit in power. .....

Okay, so I suppose I'll just sum up the events in the past year quickly

- Went from being a social outcast to being the social butterfly

- Found the woman of my dreams... and discovered that she was taken by the girl I wrote MEATF about....(who I happen to be SOOO OVER)

- Got kicked out of home

- My brother found out about my orientation and he got really....well... My Familly is Serbian Orthodox, so I'll let you figure that out

- The woman of my dreams eventually became mine... (sorry to all the single lesbian ladies out there)

-Had the most strangest dream, which turned into one of my latest songs (which I need to record still). It's about Nymphos...Yeah

- Scored the one of the lead roles in a local play, I played a person called "River". The role involved singing and such and was about teenagers getting drunk and taking drugs. Best two days of my life was probably the two opening nights for this play. "I Said A Word" is what the play was called.

- And right now, I'm trying to get the pieces of my life together and record and such for my lovely newground fans. And yes, I miss you guys too!!!

And that's me summed up pretty much

I want to send a big apology to Kool King Koomar, I know I was meant to help him with scripts and such but as I have written... My life has been one big mess, that at the current moment I am trying to clean up.

And another big sorry, to my fans on Newgrounds
Hope you guys forgive me

Included is a faggy picture of me at ze bottome ohf disss...

The Sour isssssssss BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!


2009-10-16 05:34:18 by Sour-Cherry

Got two new-ish ones, Mudeppbla is the new-est though

Don't take WHAMT too seriously, as it's me mucking about with a microphone for 5 min and added shit to it. But, for all those flash nerds out there (LOVE YOUS) there may be a possibility that it can be used for a weird/strange/atmospheric/horror/adven ture flash.

Mudeppbla, is about a strangled friendship from the repression of now days society. Me and a beloved friend of mine had a argument, And I'd stay up all night (until sunrise) and cry, so yeah, I cried in the sun (so to speak). I seem to be a fagot with my feelings, wear my heart on my sleeve (as the saying goes).
My girlfriend left me, so there is another thing that just builds it up and fucks me over.

So.... If there are any single ladies on newgrounds...... ;)

Peace Sour-Cherry

The image below is me eating the TV screen....Yes I know, small things amuse me
lololololololololololololololololololo lololololololololololololololololololo lololololololol


How you doin?

2009-05-21 08:17:03 by Sour-Cherry

I've given my page a newish look
the question is....... Do you think I would good as a man???

I've been getting really bad writters block lately, so I quit the job I had in the hope of fixing it. but to no
revial...:( oh well. Something will come. I am sure of it. And this is one of my babies, her name is Betty and I've basically recorded all my songs so far
with her. So yeah, she is pretty special to

How you doin?


2009-03-24 11:37:52 by Sour-Cherry


In the life of Sour

2009-02-13 07:55:56 by Sour-Cherry

In case anybody noticed, I hadn't been on newgrounds for (you could say) for quite a while. So here is the goss

Entered a comp with only myself and my trust worthy acoustic Betty and with the POWER OF ROCK I MELTED THEIR BRAINS!!! lol. I ended up winning this comp

I gave up an adiction I've had for a while ( since I was 12) which was self-harm, which is allmost as god awfull as smoking and heroin put together. I've been about 8 month clean now and I've been pretty good you could say.

Writting even better music than I've uploaded on newgrounds but without the appropriate means, I can't upload them so that sucks balls

Went out with a girl, who was ( you could say ) CRAZY!!! very clingy and very VERY SCARY
Didn't go out for long and she's like
"Let's get a house together Aleks, and then after we get a house. We'll get a animal and it can be our baby" O.O!!

But my promise to the loyal's is very soon I will have some new stuff out ( so I won't only be known for Homophobe )
It was recorded when I was 16 and I had no F*@king idea how to use a microphone and I sound like a little girl.
Of late my voice has matured and gotten ALLOT BETTER


Teenage whore

2008-04-13 08:27:32 by Sour-Cherry

If I have any royal disciples, lemme hear ya say "woot woot" haha lol jokes

This post is to inform fellow newground-ians, that lyrics to both my songs are up
In the pages that they reside in. Happy listening =D

Peoples comment on my picture I drew and then manipulated with photoshop =D



Teenage whore